All Natural Angus Beef

High quality beef is predictable. It is predictable by using high accuracy Angus sires. At Richardson Cattle Co. we are banking on that predictability by purchasing progeny-proven bulls that have superior carcass value projections. Linda and I are pictured here in Ashland Kansas at Gardiner Angus Ranch 2005 fall bull sale, studying EPD’s, backfat, ribeye, and marbling measurements.


Cattle are ranch raised in southeast New Mexico on
native grasses.



        ALL NATURAL ANGUS BEEF cattle are finished on a corn-based     ration without the use of growth hormones 
or antibiotics.      

Only cattle that were bred, born, and raised on our ranch qualify for
our ALL NATURAL ANGUS BEEF program. We control the genetics,
the health, and the diet from birth to harvest.  These cattle have
never changed ownership, until you receive your 
Richardson Cattle Co. ALL NATURAL ANGUS BEEF.